Chinese President Jiang Zemin Inspects CAS Institutes
S & T Achievements and Talents Deemed Indicators of Strength
Vice Premier Highlights Importance of Effective Support and Favorable Environment for S & T Innovation
Academy to Invest 1.5b to Improve "Hardware" Environment
Nobel Prize Winners Deliver Lectures at Innovation Forum
CAS Assessment Research Center Established
Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology Launched
Nano-Science and Technology Center Set Up
Scientist Realizes Super-plastic Ductility of Nano-Metals at Room Temperature
Research on Nano Materials Yields Results
Research Starts on System of Protection Against Hacker Invasion
Elliptic Photomicrographer Produced
Superconducting Experiment Station Set Up
Ion-Beam Biotechnology Takes Root in Xinjiang
Natural and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Center Established
Legend Group Experiencing Large-scale Jack-up
PRC/US Collaboration on HEP Enters New Stage
CAS-MPS Botany Partnership Laboratory Established
Atlas of Population, Environment and Sustainable Development