Chinese Academy of Sciences Convenes General Assembly
Leading Scientists Enrolled from Abroad
Academy Awards Scholarships
Academy Launches Forum on Innovation Strategy
Young Talents to Elaborate on Innovation
Symposium on "High Technology and Action in Western China"
Policies Proposed to Accelerate Development of West

Shaanxi, Gansu Provinces and CAS to Cooperate in Development of Western Region

Asia's Largest Nanometer Zinc Oxide Firm Established in Shaanxi

Project of Heavy Ion Accelerator Cooling Storage Ring Launched

Nation's Biggest Base of Sensor Industry

Sino-US Joint Open Lab of Digital Simulation of Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Key Lab of Beam Control
Engineering Research Center of Leather Chemical Materials
CAS Marine Biotechnology Engineering Center to be Established in Qingdao
Joint Center for Astro-Geodynamics
French Ambassador Visits Shenyang Institute

International Cooperation Program of Space Geo-dynamics for Asia and the Pacific Holds Annual Meeting

Expert Team Renders Emergency Technical Aid to Venezuela
Successful Listing in UK of Biotech Firm

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Research Series (Fifth Volume) Wins Top Publication Prize of China

National Natural Atlas of P.R.C. Published